For millennia human kind have warmed themselves, swapped stories, and sat transfixed before the humble glow of the campfire. SociaLight is a portable, bioethanol fire that puts a modern twist on this age-old tradition, bringing warmth and ambience to the camping experience without compromising outdoor safety standards.


Bioethanol is a sustainable fuel derived from the fermentation of starch and sugar plant byproducts. It emits only heat, steam and CO,<sub>2</sub> when burnt making it an environmentally friendly alternative to wood fires. The flames produced give off a warm, orange glow and have none of the disadvantages associated with the smoke from traditional fires.

Socialight 3.jpg

The SociaLIGHT campfire has a rotating top plate, which can be turned to cover the burner holes, stopping the airflow and immediately shutting off the flames. If the fire is knocked or tipped over, the top plate shuts off automatically, offering users peace of mind.

Campfire 9.JPG

The top plate can be controlled by rotating the orange, silicon-coated, ring that can be accessed from any direction.


A toughened and double glazed windshield keeps both the flame and the user protected. The relatively low heat output of bioethanol fuel ensures the glass remains at temperatures that are safe to touch.

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